Face Tube is a fun name,

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Rusty Brown

NCIS Fan Theories on How Gibbs Gets His Boat Out of the Basement: Tunnels, Trap Doors, Flooding and More!

TVLine asked, and you answered. And most of you, quite seriously! In the wake of NCIS‘ quite eventful Season 18, finale, TVLine raised a series of “burning questions” — primarily sparked by, and including: How does Gibbs get his handcrafted boats of of his basement? Whether in Comments or, amongЧитать далее
Rusty Brown

Dynasty Returns: Elaine Hendrix Talks Wedding Surprises and Unexpected Alliances in the 'Best Season' Yet

Dynasty returns to The CW tonight (9/8c) after breaking for a literal calendar year, and even though Elaine Hendrix admits that she “needs a flow chart to track what’s going on,” she also insists that Season 4 was well worth the wait. “I think, completely unbiasedly, just looking at the materialЧитать далее

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