Face Tube is a fun name,

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Rusty Brown

Top Chef Winner Gabe Erales Says He's 'Deeply and Sincerely Sorry' After Affair, Firing for Harassment Revealed

Top Chef‘s latest winner Gabe Erales is offering a public apology, weeks after it was revealed he was fired from his restaurant for cutting a coworker’s hours after having an extramarital affair with her. Erales, who was crowned the Season 18 winner of Bravo’s cooking competition earlier thisЧитать далее
Rusty Brown


The Canon Downbeat: Comic-Con @ Home presents Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2 with Its Official Trailer!

Comic-Con @ Home is back for a second year in its virtual form and what it lacks in crazy crowded spaces and long lines, it makes up in its ability to reach a global audience. The Star Trek Universe was represented this year by its two animated series. First, there was the new Star Trek: Prodigy,Читать далее

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