Face Tube is a fun name,

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Rusty Brown

Run the World's Andrea Bordeaux Breaks Down That Finale Revelation and Shares Hopes for Season 2

Remember when Run the World‘s Ola showed up at Whitney’s door right after she decided that she’d finally tell him she cheated? Well, the Starz series’ season finale picks up immediately after that, with Whitney wasting no time in telling her fiancé she slept with someone else. Their emotionalЧитать далее
Rusty Brown

Run the World's Andrea Bordeaux Talks Black Girl Joy, Why It's Not Unusual for Friends to Share the Same Therapist

It’s no coincidence that Run the World takes a joyful and optimistic approach to love and friendship in Harlem. Creator Leigh Davenport set out to create a series that reflected the happiness and fulfilling relationships that Black women experience in real life, despite what other shows tell you.Читать далее

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