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Rusty Brown

Schmigadoon!'s Ann Harada Discusses Florence's Devotion to the Mayor: 'There Are Different Kinds of Love'

In Schmigadoon!, Mayor Menlove’s doting wife Florence is a woman of very few words — but that didn’t make the role any less desirable for Broadway veteran Ann Harada. “I thought she was hysterical,” the Avenue Q alum tells TVLine. “It’s one of those characters [where] the dialogue is normal, butЧитать далее
Rusty Brown


One in a Thousand: Beverley Huynh On Beating the Odds With Sheer Determination (and a Little Luck)

Beverley Huynh is a Vancouver-based, internationally-schooled costume designer with a decade of immersive experience in the industry on both the big screen and in television. While she started out intending to be the next Vera Wang, life introduced her to the world of costuming, and she quicklyЧитать далее
Rusty Brown

Good Trouble's Constance Zimmer Breaks Down Kathleen's Relationship with Callie, Directing, and What Comes Next

We had a chance to catch up with Good Trouble's Constance Zimmer, who plays mercurial lawyer Kathleen Gale and Callie's mentor, to chat about the character's relationship with Callie and directing Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 12. Because if you thought that we already knew all of Kathleen'sЧитать далее
Rusty Brown

Superman & Lois' Sofia Hasmik on Chrissy's Tense Showdown With Her Idol: 'It Was a Bated-Breath Moment'

While Kal-El’s war with Tal-Rho continued on Tuesday’s Superman & Lois, another unexpected battle began brewing in Smallville. I’m talking about Chrissy and Lois, the former of whom finally confronted her journalistic idol when it became apparent that she was concealing major details about theЧитать далее

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