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TV's 30 Best Spinoffs: Better Call Saul, Angel, Family Matters, Frasier, Xena, Chicago P.D., Private Practice and More

It’s disappointing when a spinoff doesn’t live up to the original. Remember, for example, The Golden Palace, the Golden Girls offshoot featuring most of the core cast that somehow lacked the charm and wit of the OG show? (Check out our full list of the worst TV spinoffs here.) But when a show can


HBO at 50: Fifty Shows Everyone Should Watch In Their Lifetime

HBO is officially 50 years old, and we're celebrating the incredible entertainment the still-thriving network provided along the way. It's hard to imagine that TV once featured a landscape without HBO, considering its impact on the television landscape. HBO boasts some of the best talents in


Golden Globes: House of the Dragon Wins Best Drama Series

House of the Dragon just did something Game of Thrones never could. The HBO prequel took home the Golden Globe for best drama series at Tuesday’s ceremony. Executive producer and co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik was on hand to accept the award for the show’s freshman season, along with cast members


House of the Dragon Showrunner Departed After HBO Refused to Let His Wife Serve as Producer (Report)

House of the Dragon was a breath of fresh air for fans of Game of Thrones when it premiered in 2022. By the end of the season, fans were left in shock when it emerged that co-showrunner and director Miguel Sapochnik was bowing out ahead of Season 2. Details were scarce at the time about why


House of the Dragon: The Real Reason Behind That Surprise Exit (Report)

Queen Alicent’s maid Talya — or, at least, the woman who portrayed her — turns out to be a more important House of the Dragon figure than we might have realized. Dragon co-showrunner and director Miguel Sapochnik left HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff ahead of Season 2 “after a protracted standoff over


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