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Rusty Brown

The Neighborhood Season 4: Sitcom Vet Meg DeLoatch Named Showrunner, Writing Staff Due for Major Revamp

CBS comedy The Neighborhood has enlisted sitcom vet Meg DeLoatch (Eve, Family Reunion) to take over as showrunner ahead of its previously ordered Season 4. According to Deadline, which was first to report the news, DeLoatch has released all but one of The Neighborhood‘s veteran writers and willЧитать далее
Rusty Brown

NCIS Fan Theories on How Gibbs Gets His Boat Out of the Basement: Tunnels, Trap Doors, Flooding and More!

TVLine asked, and you answered. And most of you, quite seriously! In the wake of NCIS‘ quite eventful Season 18, finale, TVLine raised a series of “burning questions” — primarily sparked by, and including: How does Gibbs get his handcrafted boats of of his basement? Whether in Comments or, amongЧитать далее
Rusty Brown

HIMYM EP Laments Creative Missteps During Rewatch: 'I'd Love to Go Into Edit Room and Remove Certain Stuff'

How I Met Your Mother co-creator Carter Bays would like a redo — or at least a few hours with Final Cut Pro. Deep into a full series binge, Bays took to Twitter Friday to express regret over certain creative decisions made on the CBS comedy, which ran for nine seasons between 2005 and 2014.Читать далее

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