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Chicago PD Season Finale Spoilers: Will An Intelligence Member Fall During The Race To Stop A Terrorist Attack?

Will one member of the Intelligence Unit fall?

We can expect an action-packed, pulse-racing, and utterly nerve-wracking finale with Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 22.

For most of the season, Ruzek has been undercover with the Beck family to prevent a massive terrorist attack by white supremacist Richard Beck. Now, everything comes to a head.

We've been building up to the conclusion of this case, and it's been why Ruzek has been M.I.A. for so many installments at a time or had a limited role.

Ruzek has gotten close with Samantha Beck and her son, and he knows she's not willingly into everything her father does.

It seems like she's just as afraid of him as many others are, and she's been falling in line to keep her son safe.

Ruzek has relied on that and used it to his advantage. He's gained Samantha's trust, and he knows she's only loyal to her father because she's afraid of him.

As the date for the terrorist attack Richard Beck has planned looms, we can probably expect Ruzek to start pressuring Samantha to confide in him about everything she knows.

As of now, Beck trusts Ruzek but only to a degree, and he's told him some of his plans but not enough details to end it for good.

Given that this is the finale and based on the promotional material, Ruzek might come clean with Samantha about who he really is.

From the looks of things, he hauls her into the station and interrogates her and some others.

Voight may get a crack at her as well, and it appears for the finale, they'll bring A.S.A. Chapman back as well.

Given that the entire city of Chicago is up for grabs for a potentially massive terrorist attack, it's no surprise that it'll be all hands on deck.

Chances are, Chapman will be laying down some threats and possibly offering Samantha a deal in exchange for her giving up everything she possibly knows and can about her father.

It may not be enough for them to stop the attack immediately, but hopefully, they'll get enough information to figure things out before it's too late.

One thing we can trust about Samantha is that she's willing to do everything to protect her son. She's been incredibly uncomfortable and desperately trying to keep her father from indoctrinating her son with his white supremacist views.

For the sake of saving him before it's too late, she'll likely fold once she learns the truth about Ruzek's identity and what he and the Intelligence intend to do.

But the question is, will they even manage to stop this attack in time, or will they end up on a scavenger hunt, racing against a deadly clock without much to go on?

In the promo, we see that there's at least one explosion, and that's where things get alarming for our Intelligence Unit members.

Ruzek has had a hard time with the case, the perspective of what he's trying to prevent hitting him harder than ever every second he looks at his daughter, Makayla, or even his best friend and brother, Atwater.

It's been hard on him to infiltrate Richard's white supremacist circle and hear this man's views.

One must wonder if Ruzek's family and friends are at risk with all of this.

From the stills, we can see Voight standing outside a closed ambulance, watching it ride away.

Could one of his own be badly injured and in it?

We know how Voight is about his team, they're his family, and he flat-out sees red if anyone comes after them or harms them in any way.

In the promo, we also see that some unit members are at a site of interest when it explodes. If we look carefully, it appears as though Atwater is the one who takes the brunt of the hit from the explosion, and he could be seriously injured.

And let's be real if anything severe happens to Kevin Atwater, we sharpen everything and ride at dawn! I will happily lead the charge, dammit!

Between that and the ambulance stills, could Atwater be the one getting sent to the hospital?

And speaking of the hospital, there's one striking image of Kim. It appears as if she's in the hospital looking through the glass at someone, and you can tell she's teary-eyed and emotional.

We know Kim, and given the nature of the case, the high stakes, and everything that's happening right now, the two people out of the unit she'd be the most emotional about and whose side she wouldn't leave at the hospital are the love of her life, Ruzek, and her best friend and brother, Atwater.

Our guess (and fear) is one of them may be why Kim looks like that. Perhaps either Ruzek or Atwater has fallen victim to the serious nature of this case and their efforts to resolve it.

And if that's the case, it'll be a hell of a cliffhanger to leave us one with one of her beloved characters' life hanging in the balance.

And because the wait until the new season may be longer than anticipated due to the Writer's Strike, we may have to prepare ourselves for a shocking cliffhanger that leaves us on edge until 2024!

It will be a crazy finale, and we can't wait to see it!

Check out the promo below and hit the comments with all your theories and speculation.

If you need a refresher before the finale, you can watch Chicago PD online here via TV Fanatic.

The season finale of Chicago PD airs Wednesday at 10/9c. Join us for a full review!

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