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Virgin River Season 3 Trailer Teases Mel & Jack's Next Hurdle, New Love, & Baby Blues!

It's almost time to return to Virgin River.

Goodness knows we've been eagerly awaiting the series' return after Virgin River Season 2's shocking cliffhanger. Fortunately, we don't have to wait as long as we expected.

While July 9 is right around the corner, we have our first look at what to expect with a sizzling trailer that already has us talking!

It appears that determining who shot Jack is only the tip of the iceberg of drama that the third season will bring forth. It's a season that already teases new love, a funeral, health concerns, divorce, a fire, and a hurricane!

Yes, we're going to need to buckle our seatbelts for this one.

But on the subject of Jack, the trailer puts our mind at ease quickly, addressing Jack's fate. Our first image is of Jack after he got rushed to the hospital.

He's still on the gurney, and the heart monitor is beeping like crazy, and we hear Mel call out to Jack as she tells him to stay with her.

It wouldn't be a drama if we didn't hear a flatline. But no worries, Jack indeed stays with us.

Although were there any doubts? He's the romantic lead, an expectant father, and the heart of Virgin River.

It doesn't appear as though Jack is the best patient, as he's already up and on his feet three weeks after the shooting.

Mel scolds him about it, but it's all fun and flirty.

We can rest assured, there is no, um, shortage, of loving, canoodling, and romance between Jack and Mel.

The days of that torturous slow burn as they gravitated toward one another are over, but the Honeymoon phase for this pairing doesn't last as long as we'd hope.

After all, life is still complicated for the pair.

One of those complications is Charmaine. Isn't it always?

If you recall, things between Charmaine and Jack didn't end well, as she dropped a massive bomb that she's considering moving away, and worse yet, she'd cut him off from the babies since he no longer wanted to be with her.

Well, Charmaine may have a caught a break after all, but what will it mean for Jack?

In the trailer, Charmaine, oh so benevolently, tells Jack, "I know that you were having a hard time adjusting to the whole being a dad thing, but now Todd is here, and I'm not alone, so you're free."

Yeah, you read that right. True to her word, Charmaine has found a new, super hot man, and she no longer requires any of Jack's services.

On the one hand, good for Charmaine, finding a guy who can return her feelings. On the other, WTF?!

Does Charmaine think it's acceptable for a new beau to step into a potential paternal role for her twins over Jack? And if that's what she's angling for, would Jack go along with it? He's a proud, honorable man, so it doesn't seem likely.

However, all of this is bringing up some issues for Jack and Mel, based on what the trailer teases, so it's unclear.

Jack and Mel appear to be in new relationship bliss, but the residents of Virgin River all have something to say about this relationship.

Despite the newness of their romance, the rest of the town is already curious about when they'll take their next steps.

We see one patron inquiring as to when Jack will pop the question, and it's all fun and games until the topic of children comes up.

Both Jack and Mel get questioned about their future and the possibility of them having kids, and it's like a douse of cold water on the raging inferno that is this couple finally being together.

"How would you feel about me having a baby," Mel asks, snuggled within Jack's embrace.

Jack's silence, however, is worrisome. Next, we see snippets of what may be Jack's sister asking about the state of matters between his and Mel's relationship intercut with a moment where Jack appears to pull away from Mel.

"I can't be the person who stands in the way of you becoming a mother," Jack is heard saying in one scene.

"You're not listening to what I want," Mel says in another, to which Jack responds, "I know what you want; I don't know if I can give it to you!"

Oof! Could there be trouble in paradise for this couple already?!

The majority of Virgin River won't allow Jack to stand in the way of his happiness; that's the impression Doc gives when he doles out some romantic advice to Jack.

The trailer teases a season where it's Jack's turn to exorcise his demons. And no one is letting him off of the hook.

We hear Mel call Jack out in a scene where she muses in frustration, "I made the leap, and now it feels like you're trying to protect yourself."

Mel and baby blues aren't the only things affecting Jack.

If we thought he toned down his risky behavior since getting shot, then we're about to be proven wrong.

He's determined to hold the shooter accountable. We see him nearly getting into a tussle at the police station, angrily shouting at Mike, and sitting in the car looking glum.

"I truly believe that anything worth having is worth fighting for," we hear Jack say during another moment of impassioned disagreement between him and Mel before it cuts to them riding a motorcycle together down the road, seemingly free-spirited.

Of course, Jack and Mel aren't the only things to take note of in this trailer. While we don't get a glimpse of the buzzworthy hurricane, we do see the fire.

If we're betting, it's likely Mel's cabin.

Meanwhile, Preacher is overwhelmed taking care of Christopher.

His plans got derailed when that responsibility cropped up, and after an incident where Christopher lands in the clinic, Preacher wonders if he's the right man for the job of parenthood.

"I don't know what I would've done if something would've happened to him. Maybe he should be with somebody else," he confesses.

As for Doc, the trailer doesn't put us at ease about his health. "You're going blind," Mel asks her mentor and friend. "In a word, maybe," he replies.

What does that mean, sir?!

We're already feeling emotionally compromised about season three, and that was only the trailer!

By all means, check out the official full trailer below!

Hit the comments with your reactions, Virgin River Fanatics. We have plenty to discuss.

The third season of Virgin River is available to stream Friday, July 9. We'll have full reviews for you, too, so check back in with us!

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