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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 5-23-22: Who's Going to Fall Off the Roof?

Uh-oh! Who's going off the roof?

The Colin story comes to a head on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-22-23, but it won't end with the bad guys in jail.

It's hard to tell who's doing what, but from the spoiler video, it looks like Colin and Talia will both fall during an exciting confrontation on the rooftop. Most viewers don't care if Colin dies, but is that the best way to go?

Soap villains often end up dead at the end of a story, and most of the time, viewers don't feel the least bit sad about it.

That'll be true if Colin dies -- he was a loathsome, one-note character whose refusal to acknowledge reality, insistence on manipulating his girlfriend to do his dirty work, and unnecessary violence made fans pray that he'd leave their screens sooner rather than later.

Still, Sloan and Colin both carried out a vendetta against Chanel and Paulina because they refused to believe that Chanel acted in self-defense when she pushed their mother off a rooftop in London. How will Sloan react if Colin falls to a similar death?

I don't want months of Sloan whining that Chanel is a serial rooftop killer or doubling her efforts to get revenge as if she learned nothing from the Colin debacle!

Talia will likely go off the roof with Colin. According to spoilers, she tries to intervene when she realizes what Colin is up to -- and she may be developing real feelings for Chanel on top of it.

It would suck for Jada if she couldn't save her sister. Sadly, many victims of domestic violence do end up dead at their partner's hands -- but is that the best way for Days of Our Lives to go?

The series could milk a ton of drama out of an injured Talia trying to redeem herself with Chanel and Paulina, especially given Paulina's past.

Chanel might not want to forgive Talia. Talia destroyed Chanel's business, and her association with Colin directly leads to the rooftop situation. But Paulina was once an abused wife, so she may understand what drove Talia to behave as she did.

If Chanel wants Paulina to be on her side rather than Talia's, this situation could put a wedge between mother and daughter. So Talia being alive but seriously injured seems like the best idea if someone has to fall off the rooftop with Colin.

Please check out our entire list of Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 5-22-23.

Rafe finds Abe in bad shape.

James Reynolds is one of Days of Our Lives' most potent actors, and his talents are often woefully underused. So, a seriously injured Abe demanding that Rafe rescue his wife will make for gripping drama.

That said, could we please stop writing these Abe-is-injured stories? Abe is the mayor and should have a security detail.

Plus, there is so much more they can do with this character.

But as long as Abe is in the hospital, it's an excellent opportunity for Theo to visit, so there's that.

Nicole is insulted when EJ proposes.

As well she should be. EJ's proposal had nothing to do with romance. He wants to one-up Stefan.

Nicole might accept it if it weren't for this baby situation.

But she deserves better than a marriage of convenience borne out of EJ's rivalry with Stefan.

Colin is intent on making Paulina suffer.

Colin has made too many viewers suffer. The sooner he falls off that rooftop, the better!

Still, he was shrewd to involve Chanel even if it wasn't his original plan.

There is no better way to strike at Paulina than to hurt her daughter. Paulina would go off that roof herself before she let Colin harm Chanel more than he already has.

Chanel is beside herself after Talia intervenes to save her from Colin.

According to spoilers, Talia realizes how much she loves Chanel when she encounters Colin holding Chanel at gunpoint.

She tries to talk him down but to no avail.

Will Talia make the ultimate sacrifice, going over that rooftop to save Chanel?

John arrives in San Francisco to tell Paul about Andrew's kidnapping.

Yay! More Christopher Sean is always good news.

It sucks that Andrew's been kidnapped, though. Paul had wanted to go with him on his mission, but Andrew thought it was too dangerous. Now, Paul is left to worry about his new boyfriend.

Will Paul insist on joining John in the rescue mission? That would solidify his commitment to Andrew and make for an exciting story. (And did I mention how much I want more of Christopher Sean on my screen?)

Xander offers Chloe a job.

I thought Chloe's job was to take care of the house in exchange for rent.

Besides, what kind of job can she do on the Spectator? Also, Chloe won't want to work in the same office as Leo!

This spoiler's timing is interesting, considering Kristen is about to arrive in Salem again -- will Kristen try to push Xander and Chloe together or seek revenge just as Chloe is about to begin a new job?

Nicole asks Kayla about a paternity test.

Nicole's been asking Kayla about paternity tests, and Kayla already told her it was too early.

Are they going to do what they did with Abigail's surprise pregnancy, where they jumped from five weeks pregnant to eight weeks in a matter of days so that Abby could have a paternity test?

Either way, paternity tests are never right the first time in Salem. Some viewers have speculated that Sloan will mess with the results -- will they be right?

EJ is surprised to find Megan in his home.

I don't understand why Megan gets her immunity deal. Shane shouldn't give in to Dimitri's threats without trying to get Andrew back!

Bo isn't in Salem, so what havoc will Megan wreak? She doesn't seem all that interested in Kristen's drama with Brady and Rachel,

Will she care about Nicole's secret pregnancy or EJ's rivalry with Stefan? If she learns about Nicole's baby drama, that might be interesting!

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and tell us what you think about these spoilers.

If you'd like to chat about already-aired episodes of Days of Our Lives, check out the latest Days of Our Lives reviews and Days of Our Lives Round Table discussions.

Days of Our Lives streams exclusively on Peacock. New episodes drop on weekdays at 6 AM EST / 3 AM PST.

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