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Wolf Pack: Paramount+ Releases First Clip of New Series From Teen Wolf EP

Ahead of Wolf Pack‘s Jan. 26 premiere, Paramount+ has released a new clip from the absolutely-not-a-Teen–Wolf-spinoff. The sneak peek, which debuted Sunday during CCXP in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is now available to watch above. Based on the book series by Edo Van Belkom, Wolf Pack “follows a teenage boy


Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Visitation Place

Family is at the core of Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 4, and one character is likely to make a bad decision in that regard. Tyson continues to be at odds with his father over his relationship with Dwight, and it's unlikely to get any better. Dwight, meanwhile, learned that his little brother Joey


Keke Palmer, SZA and the SNL Ladies Seek 'Big Boys' to Warm Up Their Holiday in Music Video — Watch

Look, it’s not easy being a child actor. But if you make it through the gauntlet of burnout, narcissist parents, parasitic agents and drugs, what you have is a finely-tuned machine built to entertain. Think Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, but for film and television. That’s what this week’s Saturday Night


Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Nicole to Blame?

Jada ended her pregnancy. Eric blamed Nicole. EJ had visions of Ava and wondered if they were real, while Johnny and Wendy kept a secret this week in Salem. Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Kathy and LumiForeverAndAlways, from MyHourglass, A Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate


The Boys College-Set Spinoff Gen V Unveils Blood-Soaked Trailer

The Boys has been a bonafide hit for Prime Video since its launch, so it was only a matter of time before we got another spinoff. Fans attending CCXP, the largest comic convention in the world, were surprised today with a first look at the highly anticipated Gen V, coming to Prime Video in 2023.


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