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Nielsen Streaming Top 10: The Crown Reigns, Trailed by Dead to Me, Manifest

Netflix’s The Crown lorded over all others on Nielsen’s latest U.S. ranking of streaming originals. For the week of Nov. 14, The Crown with the release of its fifth season amassed nearly 1.8 billion minutes viewed across 50 total episodes. Nielsen notes that 60% of The Crown‘s audience is aged 50+,


Soaring Manifest Again Tops Nielsen Streaming Top 10, But Is Nearly Dethroned by The Crown

Manifest topped Nielsen’s U.S. ranking of streaming originals for a second straight week since the release of its final season (Part 1) — though the Queen is closing in. For the week of Nov. 7, Netflix’s Manifest amassed 2.3 billion viewing minutes across 52 total episodes, up 67% week-to-week.


Performers of the Week: The Crown's Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West

THE PERFORMERS | Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West THE SHOW | The Crown THE EPISODE | “Couple 31” (Nov. 9, 2022) THE PERFORMANCES | Season 5 of Netflix’s royal drama chronicled the slow, painful demise of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage, and at times, it was hard to remember what they


The Crown's Elizabeth Debicki Takes Us Inside the Making of Charles and Diana's 'Beautiful' Episode 9 Scene

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Episode 9 of The Crown‘s fifth season. They may be married, but Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s paths didn’t actually cross all that much during Season 5 of The Crown — until one long scene that stands as the highlight of the season. In the ninth


The Crown's Finale Sets Sail for a Whole New Era — Plus, Grade Season 5

Change was in the air as The Crown wrapped up its penultimate season… and more than one relationship was changing along with it. Season 5’s finale opens with Dodi al-Fayed telling his father Mohamed about a house he wants to buy in Malibu. (He has to act fast, “or I will lose it to Michael […] 


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