Face Tube is a fun name,

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Rusty Brown

Walker's Jared Padalecki Previews Cordell's 'Worst Nightmare' in the Show's 'Biggest' Episode to Date

This week’s Walker — the show’s 13th episode — was almost the CW series’ season finale, so that should tell you everything you need to know about just how dramatic and significant the hour is. “We had a 13-episode pickup, and so when we got the additional five-episode order along with [the] SeasonЧитать далее
Rusty Brown

Superman & Lois' Erik Valdez Reacts to Kyle's Big Secret, Weighs In on That 'Poignant' Morgan Edge Reveal

Lois and Jonathan once again found themselves in harm’s way on Tuesday’s Superman & Lois, but it was no “stranger” who held them by the throat. This time, it was an enemy much closer to home. Unbeknownst to his wife, Kyle enrolled in Morgan Edge’s alleged self-improvement course, something theЧитать далее

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