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    А для чего печать всякую подобную хрень? Модераторы? Вы что творите?Goldbergs Renewed...

Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Online: Season 14 Episode 8

Did Callen find out everything there was to know about Pembrook? On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 8, Kilbride helped his agent through a difficult time. Meanwhile, the NCIS investigated an arson attack at Global West Ventures Corp. Elsewhere, Rountree connected with an ex, but a shocking


NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 8 Review: Let It Burn

Several team members found themselves making hard choices amid hunting an infamous arsonist. And it was questionable if those involved in that arson case truly deserved all the blame on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 8. Finally, stop me if you've heard this before, Callen went off doing his


CBS Cheat Sheet: CSI: Vegas & NCIS: Los Angeles in Danger

CBS has some big decisions to make as we head into 2022. Many of its shows are struggling in the ratings, and some are aging, which makes it more difficult to justify renewals. The shows most in danger are CSI: Vegas, NCIS: Los Angeles, and So Help Me Todd. Get all the details below. 1. The


Watch NCIS: Hawai'i Online: Season 2 Episode 8

Who returned to help the team? A naval officer was murdered while moonlighting in a theater on NCIS: Hawai'i Season 2 Episode 8, leaving the team with many questions. Meanwhile, Kai enlisted Whistler to open an investigation into an old friend turned criminal. Elsewhere, Lucy tried to do something


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