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Rusty Brown

Could Mare of Easttown Return for a Season 2? 'I Would Absolutely Love to Play Mare Again,' Kate Winslet Says

The Erin McMenamin murder case is officially closed… but does that mean Mare of Easttown is handing in her badge? The Kate Winslet-led HBO crime drama wrapped up its seven-episode run on Sunday night — read our finale recap here — and while it’s been billed as a limited series from the beginning,Читать далее
Rusty Brown

Mare of Easttown EP Breaks Down the Finale's Killer Twist and That Last Shot, Reflects on [Spoiler]'s Demise

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Sunday’s Mare of Easttown finale. So a Ross did kill Erin McMenamin… but not the Ross we thought. Mare of Easttown‘s finale — check out our full recap here — revealed that the killer was actually John and Lori’s son Ryan, who was angry about his dad’sЧитать далее

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