NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 14 Review: Commitment Issues

It was guest-stars-galore night when NCIS: Los Angeles returned for the first time in a month.

Katherine Casillas, Nicole DeChamps and a familiar Chinese shell corporation all turned up on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 14.

This all made for a fun, bouncy episode, with nothing too heavy weighing down the action.

There was no Hetty sighting, unfortunately, which is the new normal, I'm afraid.

But Nell did perform a Hetty-like act, tossing incriminating evidence into the incinerator, likely on Hetty's orders.

So that's something.

Also making an appearance while not being present was Anna.

Callen must have decided that he was in over his head in his belated search for his girlfriend, as they have redefined the concept of "taking a break." 

Yes, Callen finally got tired of waiting for Anna to contact him. Plus she's got that real knack for getting into trouble, much like her father Arkady.

Actually, the best part about getting Anna back would mean an excuse to have Arkady recur on a more regular basis. It's been way too long (NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 21).

Unless, of course, Vyto Ruginis is too tied up with his recurring role on Deputy. Here's hoping he's not.

Interrupting Nell's file torching, Callen sought her help in trying to determine in what kind of mischief Anna is caught up.

Despite an involved case of the week (coming up soon), Nell found time to find out that Anna has been quite busy all across Europe.

As for what she's been up to, we should find out on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 15. At least it will prove a quick resolution to this storyline once Anna's name eventually came up again.

And frankly TPTB can't be blamed for a month's worth of special events on Sundays, as much as we might like to. The series hasn't been pre-empted for a debate yet, so count your blessings.

Now back to this week's action.

Many might think, just like Carla the bookstore employee, that the real crime was the spoken-word poetry at the beginning.

Fortunately, it was brief.

The grouchy Carla, played by veteran character actor Mary-Pat Green, was one of the more memorable guest characters from this season. Her and the hippie-ish Deeks sniping back and forth was great. She only got a couple of scenes, but she sure stole them.

Let's set aside, for now, the question of how a Saudi hit squad managed to infiltrate an event full of hipsters and interrogate and kill an American citizen without being seen. After all, it wasn't a consulate in Turkey.

This was another of those kinds of cases the OSP seems to specialize in: former Naval personnel who wind up dead and NCIS ends up investigating. Because their heads remain full of classified material, I guess.

So what if Michael was now just a civilian tech developer?

But the admittedly fascinating part of the case was that the company for whom Michael worked, the horridly named Go Go Go (sounds like a K-Pop group), was funded by the same Chinese shell corporation of which Eric had run afoul on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 9.

Yeah, quite the coincidence!

Eric reacted in a perfectly Beale way. Rather than being energized by getting another shot at the group that tried to kill him, he hid in the gym.

And he still wants to be a field agent? Seriously?

That seemed like a strange reaction, even for Eric. But it was his episode to be the comic relief, I guess.

Nell couldn't dislodge him from his stationary bike, because, well, she was used to having to coddle this delicate flower daily, sadly.

It took some tough love from Kensi to get Beale out of hiding and back to work. Not strangely, this nasty side of Kensi turned on Deeks.

The pleasant surprise of the episode was the reappearance of DeChamps, who last visit on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 16.

DeChamps has been a character who has developed nicely. She seemed a little stiff when she first appeared on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 16, back when she was a Secret Service agent.

But she's become just as much a wise-ass as anyone else on the regular team.

Still, she couldn't call ahead? Instead, she just turned up at Go Go Go amid Sam and Callen's quipping at Miguel. A great way to make an entrance but they could have collaborated better with a little preparation.

At one time, it seemed like DeChamps might the Sam's next romantic relationship. But now she's more like his bratty younger sister, incessantly teasing him.

The role of Sam's next great love appears to be filled by Katherine. But, for a time, it seemed that that was heading off the tracks when Katherine wouldn't tell what she knew about Go Go Go's search engine for China.

There was frankly no good reason she couldn't have told them what she knew about Go Go Go's mission. Granted, she didn't know who killed Michael, at least until the team determined that the Saudis were involved.

Yet still, she held out, unnecessarily. What the tech company was up to was hush-hush, but NCIS wasn't going to spill anything.

A squad that could kill an engineer amid a poetry slam shouldn't have been caught unaware that easily by NCIS. The most spirited resistance led to Kensi and the female thug taking a gratuitous dip in the pool.

But at least Miguel spilled everything so that Sam and Katherine could make up in the end.

To follow the development of Sam and Catherine, watch NCIS: Los Angeles online.

Were you glad to see DeChamps return?

Did you have doubts about Katherine?

Are you ready for Anna to be back?

Comment below.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 11 Review: The Reckoning

Was that a reveal you saw coming?

How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 11 provided us with the reveal of Asher’s killer, and if the show wasn’t kind enough to provide us with a little flashback, it’s doubtful much of the audience would have remembered who she was.

It was far from the most jaw-dropping moment we’ve seen this season, but it brings into focus just how interconnected and convoluted things have become. Oh, and the Castillo’s are EVERYWHERE.

The buildup to learning who killed Asher was subdued by Annalise’s return and catching up on what she’d been through since she was detained, along with finding out how she was going to get herself one step ahead of the system.

Annalise has always been at her best when she’s on the offense. She excels under pretty much any circumstance, but her plan to at least figure out what the Department of Justice had against her was a genius idea.

It was obvious there was more going on than just passport fraud, so getting a leg up on what was to come allowed her time to formulate a defense.

Michaela and Connor were basically dreading the moment she found out, and seeing them all back together was as awkward as awkward gets.

They’ve all been together during some of the worst moments of their lives, and it was almost like they’d become strangers.

The kids were closed off and petulant. It was as if they’d been out past curfew, and they were just waiting for the scolding to come from mom.

It really coincided with the conversation Annalise and Ophelia would have later about Annalise’s need to protect others.

One question that has always been asked since the beginning of the series is why Annalise has always gone out of her way to help the students.

The kids have this perception that Annalise did them dirty and convinced them to do all these things, but have they ever just stopped to consider there a lot of things she never needed to do?

The Annalise we know today is a product of the trauma she’s endured throughout her life. From her childhood trauma to the trauma of losing a child, and the circumstances regarding Sam and his death.

The idea that Annalise has always looked to protect others in the way she wasn’t protected holds some weight, but she’s always done the protecting behind such a hard exterior, it’s not always easy to see. Nor is it easy to appreciate.

Bonnie and Frank get it, and that’s why they’ll be standing right alongside Annalise when this battle eventually comes to an end.

But Michaela and Connor do not.

Frank: Asher couldn't have given them that.
Annalise: Exactly. The little bitches turned.
Frank: Can I go rip their heads off now?
Annalise: No. We're gonna play nice.

Annalise’s meeting with the remaining members of the Keating 5 was played perfectly, with Annalise angling for a little intimidation but not initiating an all-out war. It should be apparent to Michaela and Connor how out of their league they are, but they don’t seem to get it.

Seeing that the kids had officially flipped on her had to be tough for Annalise, and Frank and Bonnie as well. The three of them have committed their own crimes and done their own damage, but they’ve also helped the kids time and time again.

And they didn’t always need to.

There’s a much bigger question at hand in regards to who deserves the blame for each murder, and whether or not the person who committed the kill is the only one to blame. But if everyone wants to step off their high horses and get real for a moment, they all share some blame.

Asher’s video message to Michaela and Connor shortly before he died was I guess supposed to be a sweet farewell and a way to drive home the point that lying and murder didn’t define any of them, but it fell incredibly flat.

Was Asher going to tell the truth about how he killed Sinclair? It certainly doesn’t seem like it. He may have convinced himself that he was doing the right just thing by coming clean, but he was only telling the FBI his version of the truth.

It’s disingenuous to make yourself out to be some newly discovered purveyor of truth when you’re cutting a deal to save yourself and excluding a lot of facts.

There’s always been good in basically everyone, though it’s harder to get to in some of them. And it is worth remembering that all the students came to college to be the best lawyers they could be and help people.

But that reminder coming from Asher at that moment just didn’t feel right.

Asher’s death was played out in a continuation from How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 10, and it was nice to see the non-killers get parceled out throughout the hour.

Gabriel seemed like the most obvious choice, but it never made a whole lot of sense for him to be the killer. There was no clear motive.

The person who wanted Asher dead clearly wanted him out of the way after he compromised the FBI operation. And if they could frame the others to get more ammunition to use against Annalise, than that’s just the icing on the cake.

If memory serves me correctly, we were never formally introduced to the woman who pretended to be Annalise’s neighbor outside of finding out she worked for Xavier.

Learning she was the killer was a little thrill, but learning she worked for the FBI was the bigger one.

We can now assume that he was killed at Xavier’s command, otherwise, what does Agent Pollock have to gain from Asher’s death?

The Castillo’s are literally the big bad of the series. They’ve had their hands in everything!

It shouldn’t even be surprising at this point.

The possibility of this reveal bringing Michaela and Connor back to the same side as Annalise feels…meh. It will probably lead there, but teasing us with the faceoff between the two sides was a titillating prospect.

With only four episodes left, we should be in for a crazy battle with Annalise burning it all down to hell, in whatever form that looks like, and taking everyone with her on the way out.

Perhaps it’s her mission to bring it all crashing down that leads to her death.

Either way, these first set of installments back from the break are delivering and setting things up nicely.

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • If this is the last we see of Cicely Tyson’s iconic Ophelia, she went out on a high note. She read Nate for filth (which he deserved), she made amends with Annalise and offered her acceptance. She and Viola Davis shared some beautiful scenes throughout the series run, and this hour was no exception.
  • Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t mind Frank and Bonnie riding off into the sunset if they manage to stay out of jail.
  • Does it feel like there are still A LOT of questions that need to be answered before the series ends? Or is it just me?
  • Raise your hand if you actually thought Laurel was Asher’s killer. If that turned out to be true, it would have been bonkers.
  • I will ask again until we get our answer, where is Wes?

Turning it over to you guys now, and wondering what you guys are thinking and predicting moving forward!

Were you shocked the Castillo’s were involved in Asher’s murder?

Should Frank and Bonnie ride off and choose themselves?

Will the band get back together again and fight back against the FBI?

Drop your comments down below and watch How to Get Away with Murder online right now so you can join the fun!

Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 21 Review: Put on a Happy Face


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