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SEAL Team Season 6 Casting Scoop Could Spell Doom for One Member of Bravo Team

With no premiere date for SEAL Team Season 6 in sight, some casting news is starting to trickle in.

Per Deadline, Raffi Barsoumian has landed a series regular role on the new season of the hit Paramount+ series, and his casting might confirm what we were all fearing the most:

One character might not make it out alive of the shocking SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 14.

If you watch SEAL Team online, you know the one-time CBS drama series wrapped up with a cliffhanger that left the fate of several characters on the line.

As far as season finales go, it was a doozy, but it also left us with the sense that there will be big changes when the show returns.

We know that Max Thieriot is signed as a series regular to Fire Country, which we're sure will be a surefire hit.

Juggling two shows will be tough, but Deadline revealed earlier this year that the actor had closed a deal for SEAL Team Season 6.

There's no telling whether that deal was as a guest star, recurring, or series regular, but it seems like a foregone conclusion that we'll be getting considerably less Clay than before.

Barsoumian will play "Omar, a Senior Chief with fifteen years of experience as a SEAL," according to Deadline's character description. 

"The son of Syrian immigrants, Omar has a deep understanding of the Middle East, and calls upon that knowledge to help navigate missions in the region."

When CBS shifted SEAL Team to Paramount+, there were some questions about the franchise's long-term future.

Thankfully, the series was rewarded with a sixth season renewal before landing a pickup for a movie.

The project is described as standalone, meaning fans will get a clear story.

It was ordered at the same time as NCIS: Sydney, a Paramount+ exclusive iteration of the NCIS franchise.

“These two projects represent two new ways we are expanding our studio footprint while supporting the company’s mission to drive streaming,” said George Cheeks of CBS.

“We have the producing roster, production infrastructure, and deep library to be creative and nimble with franchises and other IP for both domestic and international audiences.”

What are your thoughts on the casting news?

Do you think we'll lose a Bravo Team member?

Hit the comments below.

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