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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Grandma Loves Grisham

Where is our evite to the Rio family barbecue?

Beth got hers on Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6, and she got to meet the big boss. Or grandma, as Rio refers to her. Considering how much hinges on Beth continuing to follow the money trail and stay on Rio’s good side, she had no choice but to follow through with the meeting.

And Beth did whatever Beth needed to do, once again blurring that murky line that always exists between the pair.

We’ve been screaming for more Rio for about three seasons thus far, and we finally got some crumbs in the form of meeting Rio’s family. The scene wasn’t nearly long enough, but it gave us insight into the dynamics and further served to humanize Rio differently.

Outside of meeting his son, we only know Rio when it comes to business. He’s shown glimpses where it’s obvious he has a soft spot for Beth, but we don’t know him. Not really.

He’s the “villain” in this story, yet he’s never been a fully realized character in the way that he could be. He’s always had tremendous potential, and maybe this is the season they tap into that potential more.

The family welcomes Beth with pretty open arms for the most part, though there’s something up with the cousin/brother.

It’s unclear whether the whole family is a part of the business or if it’s just grandma or perhaps things aren't how they seem at all and "boss" just means grandma. 

There’s still plenty of time this season to explore all that.

But you have to assume it’s all going to come to a head at some point because Beth is still working on setting him up.

Did Beth ever retrieve the wire from the bookcase? It’s not exactly clear, and you have to assume it will be found at some point.

It’s crazy to think that after Rio shot Dean, Beth tried to kill him, and all the other deaths in between, these two are still infatuated with one another. Beth was trying to distract Rio in the moment, and maybe she can fool herself into thinking that’s all it was, but that will never be all it is with them.

There’s a connection and chemistry that will once again be put to the test when everything inevitably blows up.

Phoebe and Dave and their two-person operation could be on borrowed time, though. Not to say they’re incompetent, but they’ve already let the ladies get the upper hand, and now Phoebe seems to be under Beth’s spell.

Dave: They're not your friends.
Phoebe: I just had to find my way in.
Dave: The only reason she's even talking to you is because we caught her.

But does Beth even realize she could probably have Phoebe in her back pocket if she paid a little more attention?

The whole ‘Phoebe likes Beth and wants to be her friend’ thing feels a little forced and out of left field because Phoebe’s only personality trait thus far has been to arrest Beth. How this has morphed into her now wanting to trade makeup tips doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Beth needs Rio put away to salvage her family, but it’s unclear if that’s even what she ultimately wants in the end. If there was a way to free herself from the shackles of the authorities and keep working with Rio, would she take it?

Dean is home and struggling, but as has been proven repeatedly, all Dean really cares about is some transparency. If you let him in and you make him feel like it’s in the know and not on the outside, he feels a lot better in general.

Beth letting him know that she made a deal and the deal is to get Rio out of their lives should help that stingy black cloud that follows Dean around dissipate a bit. Though, she’s never going to tell him EVERYTHING for obvious reasons.

Speaking of being free from the shackles, we were so close to being free of Dr. Cohen forever, but he just had to make one last appearance.

If he was going to show up drunk on the night of his bachelor party, at least he and Annie were able to have a conversation that can hopefully give them some closure. Because at the end of the day, a relationship between the two of them would never work and shouldn’t be something they even considered.

It’s not even like Dr. Cohen was a bad guy, but they let their relationship get complicated, and once Annie stopped attending the sessions, that should have been the end of everything between them.

Annie: Can I ask you something?
Dr. Cohen: Okay.
Annie: Do you really want to be with me? Or do you just not want to be with her?

Annie should be proud of herself for setting up boundaries, like making him sleep on the couch, because old Annie may not have done that.

It would be nice if the show just continued to let Annie grow and not take one step forward and two steps back. She’s been trying for so long to be better for those she loves, and it’s so much more enjoyable to watch her growth than watch her struggles.

Letting Ruby in on the job he has with Gene was the best thing Stan could have done because, as predicted, she found a way to help the situation almost immediately. They need money, and Gene needs to sell knock-off bags, so it’s a win-win scenario for the both of them.

The only issue is whether Gene holds up to his end of the bargain because the man can not be trusted.

Eventually, Stan will have to rid himself of Gene, but for now, he needs to figure out a way to work for him and survive. And if he can make a little something on top of that, then all the more power to him.

Odds and Ends

  • Another blast from the past this week in Tyler, aka Big T, goes back to the Fine and Frugal days. He helped the ladies and was able to help his resume in the process.
  • How many books does John Grisham have? Because that bookcase was stacked!
  • Have we discussed how good the music has been this season because it’s been phenomenal?

We should be about halfway through the season now, and it feels like things are building to something, but it’s unclear what that is.

Will Rio be caught and Beth free to move to nowheresville, Nevada?

Or will Rio and his nine lives find a way out of a messy situation once again?

Drop all your comments about this episode and how you feel about the season at large down below!

And remember to watch Good Girls online via TV Fanatic, so you're caught up on the action.

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